The Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce has five sister chapter relationships in Japan:  The Kobe Junior Chamber (JC), Odawara JC, and lastly the Kurashiki JC, Kojima JC, and Tamashima JC, collectively known as the San JC.  

Every year in October, the HJJCC along with members of the Cherry Blossom Court and their parents, have the opportunity to visit with our Japan sister chapters in their hometowns on this two-week Goodwill Tour.  The HJJCC group normally stays 2 nights in each city which allows the HJJCC and sister chapters to strengthen their friendship while partaking in delicious Japanese cuisine and fun cultural events.  Part of the Goodwill Tour is also a way for the HJJCC and Court to thank our many CBF sponsors from the previous years on their generous donations and assistance over the years.  

In the spring, each of our sister chapters visit Hawaii as a chance to reinforce our bond and long lasting friendship.  Although their time in Hawaii is for only a few days, the International Relations committee diligently plans each of the sister chapters stays from the time they land in Honolulu to their departure.  We try to give them let them experience the aloha as possible whether it's enjoying a local plate lunch in the park, to viewing the beautiful views of the mountains and ocean from Pali Lookout.  These exchanges are valuable experiences for all and language is definitely not a barrier to having fun and making long lasting memories.